About Us

Starr Video and Photography is owned and operated by Terry Gordon. Terry has been in business for more than 35 years and has a formal education in Television Broadcast. After using a video company that produced a terrible video of his daughter's wedding, Terry decided that he could do a better job and created Starr Video Productions and offered wedding video services for the next few years and the rest is history, as they say.

Terry also has extensive experience in corporate and industrial video productions, from in-house training and safety videos to classroom session and seminars. Clients Starr Video and Photography has worked with are: Kimberly Clark Corporation, Texaco, EMC Corp., Libby Glass, Inland Container, BBL Forum, The Mark Thallander Foundation, and GE just to name a few.

Whatever your video or photography needs may be, Starr Video and Photography is ready to meet those needs for you. We look forward to being your video and photography professional.


Event Photography:    Dance studios, dance competitions, special events, and corporate parties.

We can also shoot with green screen, which allows for any photo to be used as the background. We can also print photos on-site, during the event.

If you do not see the video or photography service you are looking for on our website, we may still be able to provide it for you, or refer you to a company that can.

For more information and how to contact Starr Video and Photography, please call: 951-678-4600

Starr Video And Photography offers full non-linear video editing services using Adobe Premiere Pro. We also provide DVD authoring , including Blu-Ray, duplicated services, disc printing, and label design.

We can also transfer your old videos from most consumer video formats to DVD.

We can preserve your irreplaceable photographs by scanning them onto a CD or DVD


Event Videography:

Dance recitals, dance competitions, ballet performances, theater performances, choir performances, live band concerts, First Communion, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quincenera and Christian school Christmas programs.

Corporate and Industrial Video: Conferences, seminars, retirement parties, Christmas parties, mile stone events, employee orientation, industrial training and safety , contractor orientations video - outlining OSHA standard  for vendors doing work at your facility, and promotional videos.

We also offer memorial videos for eulogies and graveside services. It is one of only two occasions where most family members and close friends are together at one time.

We can provide productions requiring single-camera or multi-camera directed shoots.


See our Services page for details. We also offer sound reinforcement for small and theater size venues.